Proactive vs. Preventive

When being Proactive is better

  • It’s a long journey. Just check fuel and air pressure before start.
  • Better to know pros and cons of the situation before deciding action plan.
  • We should have all first aid medicines in home.
  • Because of heavy rush, I had already made all reservations for the vacation.
  • I have completed my language certification last year itself.
  • It’s too costly nowadays. Plan your expenditure accordingly.
  • I had taken pension plan for older stage.
  • This bridge needs immediate repair.
  • In the view of prospective development; road infrastructure should be completed first.
  • Related tutorials should be followed class wise to avoid sudden overload in higher classes.
  • My father purchased two shops in good locality during my studies itself. He better knew that I always had intention to do my own business.
  • I already have back up plan.
  • If you really need it in future; get it today itself. Don’t wait for next stock.
  • He started preparation for competitive exams in high school itself.
  • Why to wait for last minute.
  • Better to ask his wish before purchasing this costly gift.

When being Preventive is better

  • Be careful.
  • You should have good manners.
  • He is very cordial with clients.
  • I am regularly following new updates.
  • Use mask and sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Eat fresh and healthy food.
  • Complete your homework on daily basis.
  • Keep in loop your seniors when replying on an issue.
  • We should always attend knowledge transfer sessions.
  • Speak softly.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Follow traffic rules.
  • Before doing anything; just check company policy and procedure.
  • We have mutual understanding for this situation.
  • Go for exercise and morning walk regularly.
  • Avoid junk foods.
  • Let’s have written agreement on points; we agreed upon.
  • Always obey your seniors.
  • Don’t argue.
  • It’s better to accept your fault.

So Proactive means those actions which we plan in advance to accomplish a particular task. Possibility for happening of the instance could be ‘Sure’ or “May be’.

Preventive means those actions which we are following simultaneously in the perception of some outcome. Mostly on negative side. Appropriate action could be followed to avoid them.

Sometimes we compare which is better.

I think they both have their own importance. It depends upon situation; which should be followed.

We always heard that ‘Prevention is better than cure‘. Rather it should be ‘Pro-action and Prevention are always better than cure’.

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