Respect vs. Fear

When considering individually

Respect :

There could be many reasons for developing respect.

  • They are my elders.
  • He helped me when I was in need.
  • He had done a lot for society.
  • We are protected because our soldiers take care of borders.
  • Doctors and Teachers.
  • Culture or religion.


Even if someone had given you a glass of water; then saying ‘Thank you’ in return is also a form of respect.

It is also somehow symbolic to devotion. You strongly believe that person you respect is deserving for this status. He/She had some quality; which can’t be underestimated.


Fear arises out of the perception for negative outcome.

  • What would I do if my startup failed?
  • How would my teacher react if my homework is not completed?
  • Over speeding can cause accident.
  • Follow the traffic rules.
  • Would I be impacted by recession?
  • Make sure project implementation is as per the client’s expectation.

And so on.

Fear factor further leads to following categories.

Positive category

  • Fear factor towards positivity can give you best result for your efforts.
  • Fear of annual assessment can push you to spend more time on studies.
  • Client’s expectation can push you for qualitative and on time deliveries.
  • Fear of ‘If I lost’ make you more focused.
  • You mind for wrong happenings.
  • You become disciplined.
  • Your emotions are natural.

Negative category

  • It can make you stressed.
  • It can lead to depression.
  • It can reduce risk bearing capacity.
  • You become backbiter.
  • You have fake or diplomatic emotions.
  • Rather to explore new ideas, you always mind for back up.
  • Rather to proactive or aggressive; you are more defensive.
  • You agreed to live on common or set patterns.

When both combined

  • It results always in positivity.
  • You believe in better traffic management.
  • I would like to finish assigned task in time.
  • Instead of having fear for coming late in night; I would spend more time with my family.

Individual approach leads to respective outcomes, but combined have matured approach.

I can say; “Fear is essential part of Respect but Respect may not be essential part of Fear”.

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