When I was provoked, I wanted to be alone

Anything which is not in control, can do unexpected things. Mostly on negative side.

  • Over speeding causes accident.
  • Overheating can burn.
  • Over possessiveness can make you insecure and sensitive.
  • Minding small things can ruin your relations.
  • Over protectiveness can turn someone to irresponsible.
  • Overeating causes acidity.
  • Continuous overload of work stress can result in depression.
  • Over excitement can turn to mishappenings.


So anything which is not happening in its natural form; ended up with negative result in maximum cases.

When I say ‘Provoked’; then maximum possibility is that; you are stimulated to do unwanted or unethical things.

Like as examples mentioned below, when it was provoked;

  • George celebrated his success party with drink and over speeding in highway.
  • Without considering the reason, I had an abusive argument with him for coming late.
  • My friends were laughing that I can drive in maximum speed of 70 km/hr. only.
  • I was asked to prepare for entrance exam without considering my interest.
  • I had a dream to work on onsite project. Later I found that it was not easy survival for me.
  • Someone suggested him for fast and maximum earning through gambling.
  • She was told that her best friend was backbiting for her selection of apparels.

Provocation can be through both ways. I mean it can be self-provoked or by others.

By considering above mentioned scenarios, I realized that we should have atleast a short pause to think instead immediate reaction ; when provoked.

That will make sure suitability of desired action in our mind. If it is appropriate; good to go.

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