We say ‘Got Experience’ for both Success or Failure

Simple meaning we know for Experience is that ‘what we learn from something’. It is classified as ‘Good experience’ or ‘Bad experience’.

Good Experiences:

  • I have invested in mutual funds and it has better returns than traditional investments.
  • I tried chocolate flavor rather my regular one and it was not bad.
  • After test drive; I can say that this car model have better features than others.
  • As far as I know; we can’t blame his honesty.
  • Always protect your log in credentials.
  • The new guy have better accounting skills than previous one.
  • Though it’s a new start up but working environment is far better than some of the famous brands.
  • They got extension on project for another five years because of their performance.
  • It’s better to have guidance on specialized courses.
  • His hard work and dedication put him among top rankers.

Bad Experiences:

  • I should have visited that hill station in summer. Opting winter for vacations there was not a good decision.
  • Due to relocation constraints; I should have chosen business line rather job.
  • Being shown as extremely needy; he borrowed some money. But never had intention to return.
  • I can’t believe, you done this.
  • If you have not done that; you certainly achieved what you planned.
  • I should have chosen compatible stream.
  • Working with him is like hell.
  • He is not reliable.
  • He always favour closed ones.

So if it is a good experience, you are on your way. It proves that it was an appropriate action for the moment. It takes you on positive feelings and become perfect example for the situation to opt for. You achieved what you planned and in result; you are satisfied.

Bad experience doesn’t mean that you have not done your best. You followed similar tract as successful one but because of some unfavorable circumstances; it was not made. Certainly those circumstances were negative. It makes you better evaluator for the situation. You know why a particular action should not be followed and can guide others also.

So why it should be done or don’t; it’s experience only on both side.

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