Sometimes it’s good to downgrade others

You walked in a restaurant for buffet. How would you choose food items? Definitely you serve yourself with those items only, which you like to eat or drink.

  • You want to buy a car. You visited showroom and selected a model which is fit according to Colour, Dimension or Budget as you have planned.
  • Among many available holiday destinations; you selected Beaches.

So we have natural tendency to go with our likes and leave unlike.

Why I said it’s natural, because it’s there with us right from beginning.

Even a kid knows his favorite chocolate flavour.

When you started to face real world, you also have to face them, who feel happier to see you failed and if it’s a regular interaction, things could be worse.

They just have single agenda to demoralize you. It could be because they know that they are not at all capable to achieve your place.

So instead of trying to reach up to you, they are trying to take you down to their position.

If you can’t avoid them, either you got frustrated and deviated from your path or you can just ignore them.

Better to ignore.

Like in similar example, if you had seen ‘Customer feedback scale‘ which is varying from Very satisfied to Not at all satisfied, we can create similar scale to classify people around us.

It can be classified as:

  • Very close
  • Good
  • We know each other
  • Not so close
  • Better to ignore

We cannot mind everything and we cannot ignore everything. We have to live within our surrounding.

So it’s better to have solution for situations.

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