Even a ‘Small’ can achieve bigger than ‘Big’

We both got our schooling done in a small town. Though it was limited resources available at surrounding; still we always discuss to achieve big in life.

After schooling, we decided to explore better opportunities in urban areas. We do already have ideas in our mind and we wanted to be sure for its suitability.

I was mentally prepared with strong feeling that I would be settle in big city or even out of country to achieve my ways of living.

That means I have already ignored opportunities there in small town.

I had started working on my plan but it was not as easy as I have assumed. I have to fight for the Setup of basic infrastructure, Suitable location, Capital requirement, Competition, Brand promotion, Back up etc.

I tried my best to achieve my dreams but finally I have compromised and end up with best suitable option.

It is almost a decade and now I am owner of a small investment company in a good locality of my favourite city.

Of course I got settlement at early stage but reached to saturation also at early.

On the other hand, my friend decided to stay back in home town itself because of similar constraints of capital requirement and some family concerns.

He do have big plans in life but he had decided to move in slow pace to reach there.

He had started vehicle service center with small but regular earning.

Since town was at developing stage, many opportunities coming on way to go with his dreams.

He was waiting for the right time.

And the day comes when he got franchise for a big car brand.

For him it was like No competition, Less investment and Suitable location for investment.

Soon he was famous not only in his area but nearby locations also. He got very fast return on investments and profit collections.

He is owner of a famous franchise now.

So point here is that, we both aim for similar future. But for me, other things like My life style or City where to settle, also matters along with my aim.

For my friend; it was just his aim matters. Other things were the secondary for him or which he thought that he can achieve at later stage.

He was at better position and closer to aim which we both have planned.

So if you plan for something, just consider the best prospects to achieve it. Other things are secondary.

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