Why do I not have sleep as before

When I was kid

I didn’t even know why should I bother others. I was having very clear picture for my options.

  • Which is my favorite chocolate?
  • Who all are my friends?
  • Unlimited time to play.
  • Unlimited time to sleep.
  • What is my favourite musical instrument or sport?
  • Which toy is missing on my collection?

I was giving 100% to myself.

When I was young

I was asked to focus on my career. My routines were directed to relate it with my future plan. Since I had selected study;

  • I need to focus what I want to become.
  • Which is best coaching center?
  • Who could be my friends? I mean they should be scholars obviously.
  • Reduce play time.
  • Limited access to online games.

Since I was strictly following my schedule and satisfied with related activities; I had a good sleep.

I had a thought of myself on major share along with family, friends and relatives.

Now I am man with liabilities

Now I am employed and family man. My entire focus is shifted around my family. I am thinking like;

  • When my earnings would get double?
  • Should I go for job or business?
  • How to handle competition?
  • EMIs
  • Which is best career option for my children?
  • Savings
  • Post retirement plans
  • Additional source of earnings
  • A big house in suitable locality.
  • Which car or bike?
  • Parents care
  • Social environment
  • Relatives
  • Health insurance
  • Family matters
  • Job or business pressure



  • What explanation I have for client’s grievances?


  • I would be needing lump sum of substantial amount after 5 years for my daughter’s medical admission.



What am I forgetting…..?

Seems like many more questions there in mind to answer. They are arising on regular intervals and become routine thoughts. Old question are replaced by new ones and stayed there till its resolution.

Ok; so these questions are the reason for my stressed sleep.

So; is it only for me or everyone at my stage is surrounded by them?

Oh, it is for all.

Now I am relaxed. I just need to be patient till its resolution.

Let’s go and have a good sleep.

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