Politics : Essential leadership quality

Politics is Second level of emotion to handle Primary one.

If I ask you to perform with different emotions with its natural feeling within short span, would you be able to do that?

Mostly ‘No’. Unless and until you are the one who is directly impacted by those instances.

For a particular situation, there are two participants; one who face the situation and other who stands with his sentiments.

Politics lies on second category. Like an IT professional specialized in languages, or a Medical professional in treatment; a politician is specialized in handling people’s sentiments.

It doesn’t matter what he is doing is logically correct or not. If that is going to impact majority; it should be done.

In the earlier trends of politics, only combined demands were the target which were handled with respective representatives of the issue.

But in the current trend, it is changed to individual demand. Instead of riding in same platform, people wants to jump on other tract. They want faster pace and something different in life.

It’s the politics which teaches how to handle those demands and yet to satisfy majority; whether individual or combined.

Why a leader should good on politics?

Because you know how to handle people’s concern. Whatever you doing for one would become example for others. That helps to create positive or negative perception for you.

And in large scale that would define, if you were able to handle majority or not. It doesn’t matter how you behaving in different situations; only thing matters is that, were you be able to handle that situation.

It is politics which teaches that, how to attend condolence meet in morning and celebrate birthday party in evening.

So instead of discussing how good ‘Acting skill‘ he had, we should discuss that how good was he in particular situation.

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