This is what I had expected from you or I have never
expected this from you. These are some common
sentences we heard during conversation.

In the first example, your well-wishers had believe
on your capability and you are getting praise for your
achievement. They also believe that your mental
or physical status is even more than it is required to
whatever had you achieved.

In the second example; it’s a disappointment.
Either you have not performed as much as you can
or your dear ones have demanded more than your

Expectation means achievement of genuine
demand. It depends on dedication, preparation, and
efforts you had put on stages. A well planned approach
with your interest can help you to get in there.

There are many instances where we can think of
expectation. But let’s make our focus on ‘students’.
They could be the best example to describe this word.

I think there would be 90% families who had a
strong feeling that their kid should be well educated
and employed in good profession thereafter. They
even taking risk to leave their convenient place to
settle down in big cities for getting better facilities of
required resources for them.

Till this point everything is fine, but later on
‘expectation’ of some families becomes ‘wish’ for their
kids. It becomes forced demand for them irrespective
of their capability or interest. They wanted to engage
them with better prospects or whatever majority of
his colleagues were choosing.

But we should understand difference between
expectation and wish.

Expectation is based on actual factors. Wish is like sweet dreams. Of course both have more of emotional push.

Do’s and Don’ts for this scenario:


  • If child is capable enough and interested too;
    your efforts towards target is well deserved.
  • If child is not capable to follow that path or
    they are not interested; support him for what
    he/she wants to choose. But yes, you should
    guide them for pros and cons because you are
    the better judge to advice.
  • There should always be a backup plan and
    it should be communicated to child well in advance.

  • You should not pressurize to choose a
    particular path irrespective of child’s interest
    or capability.
  • If you are putting some other child’s example,
    make sure you are approaching for the same
    target for which your child is interested on.
  • Never ever say what sacrifices you have made
    for your child’s bright future until you are sure
    that it is in sync with expectation, not your wish.

Expectation is natural phenomenon. It needs
systematic approach and watch on stages. Make sure it
is real one, not imaginary.

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