Situational Balancing

You might be scolded by parents for getting poor
marks in exam and you were also disappointed with your

So what could be situational boost-up for your emotions?

Suddenly you got a call from your colleague that
he also got similar marks though he was always
among top rankers.

I am sure you feel relaxed by hearing this and
also were able to convince your parents for your
unexpected result by referencing your colleague.

Now neither you nor your parents were feeling
depressed and similar situation is there in your
colleague’s house as well.

So it’s a natural feeling that whatever state of
emotion we have, we are searching similar in our

It’s good to have situation based example as a
reference for our current state to get motivated for next
course of action.

As an example; sometimes parents who are not
economically strong were motivating their child that
despite of similar economic conditions; how a boy,
living in same town, scored best in exam.

Here parents not only want to motivate their child
but also want to encourage him to keep going towards
their goal without thinking adverse.

In the second example, you prepared hard to get the boost up for your business in terms of increasing sales. but you didn’t make it despite of all efforts. So you put a referral example for similar effort made by someone else to compensate the situation. You were happy that you done you best in terms of available options.

It doesn’t matter you are introvert or extrovert;
natural feelings are same for everyone. If you are in
party; you enjoy. You lost your medical attempt; you
are sad, but similar cases in your perception always
help to keep you emotionally balanced.

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