Are You Caring?

You might have seen a mother shouting on her child
for not washing his hands before meal or a father, if
he is coming late in night.

This is what we say caring
attitude. Mode of communication may be normal or
rude but intention is to let you know the right things.

Let’s check it on broader scale.

If you are leading then what should be the approach
to handle your subordinates?

On professional basis; definitely it is performance.
But if you add caring factor in your approach; it
becomes more worthy.

Of course it should be bilateral in nature.

Let’s discuss both sides.

From a Subordinate Perspective:
A fellow of yours got an issue to resolve it by end of
the day. But, just one hour before office closing time,
he came to you as he was not able to understand some
points on issue.

Definitely it will be escalated. As he should have check the issue at earliest and contact its
origin for required clarification. Your rude approach is
expected here.

That fellow should have understanding that he is
getting this response because you are caring for his
professionalism and want to let him know the way of
handling for such instances.

Do you still think his boss could have very light
gesture for this situation?

O man! Are you kidding?

From a Leader Perspective:
A leader could be in different role in different situations.
He may be leader, advisor or counsellor in different times.

Similarly he should be a man of multiple mind set when dealing
with other fellows. It should not be unanimous or in
set pattern. It’s like, you should get into discussion first. If it
is logical; just tell him lightly to take care of it. If it is
illogical; you could warn him or be rude.

I am sure you know it better that what type of attitude that guy have
towards his job responsibilities.

Just to mention here, your inappropriate reaction
can take them to insecure zone and it results in
misunderstanding rather mutual understanding. Your
appropriate response make you more acceptable
among them.

Your action or expression should have message
of care rather just a reaction.

Because even a kid can react.
Probably better.

Many times, same action happened with different
intention. You should be mature enough to understand
those intentions and act accordingly.

Just make sure your reaction should have message of letting him know the right things.

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