Emotion vs Diplomacy

We will discuss two scenarios here.

  • You were not able to complete assigned task
    because of some genuine reason. Next day your
    boss observe your situation as silly excuse for

Since you were right on your part; you retaliate
immediately. This is emotion. Anything which
happened; whether right or wrong, your emotions were

  • Same scenario but here you did not retaliate.
    Though you were right, still you said to take
    care of this in future.

But you know that your emotions are not satisfied.
So now you are expecting either of two situations.

You and your colleague got an assignment. You completed
your part but somehow your colleague did not.

This time your boss was convinced with reason
he explained, but you were not happy as for the
similar situation you got escalated.

Your boss realize the fact and trying to convince
you. You were happy that at least he realized.

Your boss got escalated by client because he
did not submit assigned job within stipulated
time. You are happy.

So the difference between emotion and diplomacy
is that;

Emotions are real and they are satisfied by individual’s own act.
Whereas diplomacy is wait and watch situation.
Here emotions are satisfied by other’s act.

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