Working from Home

This is very common nowadays in corporate culture.

  • I am not feeling well so working from home
  • Though I shall be on leave from tomorrow but
    you can get me online for next two days for any
  • I have some personal work so working from
    home today.

And many more reasons.

This is a temporary arrangement in your job
schedule that arises out of certain situation.

But there is another work from home option which
is on permanent basis.

You might have seen in print media or digital media
that a company want fellows to work from home to
complete some assignments. They want very small
infrastructure within your premises and complete
assigned job within their time schedule. You are free to choose your comfortable time slot to work on it.

Who could be target recruits for these assignments?

  • Fresher’s who can work part time or on permanent basis.
  • House wives
  • Retired person, etc.

I wanted to focus this discussion for house wives.

There are two types of house wives.

  • One who are satisfied with their routine and
    never have intention to become job seeker. They
    are happy to be with family and contributing
    major part in house responsibilities.
  • Another one are they, who compromised their
    career because of family responsibilities. But
    they still have strong feeling to get into their
    career path; sometimes in future. God knows when that time will approach and if approaches,
    whether they are ready to get into it?

So best option is to work from home. You can
find similar mind set within your colony or in various
social groups in digital platforms.

You setup meeting with them, discuss your
skill set, search for available opportunities and start
approaching them.

Like a kitty party for some amusement, it can
be similar group but can satisfy your professional instincts.

It may have possibility that you deviate in individual
approach, but combined will definitely work.

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