English meaning of this word is that stimulating people
for action to achieve certain goals. Basic factors behind
that could be need or desire. When you set your target,
there are many factors at surrounding which have
impact on it.

Let’s discuss on classification:

Self Motivation:
You have your own plans and ways to achieve your
target. You explore essential factors, resources and
other means. Also you have analyzed yourself and
surrounding factors. It is self-centered and silent

Aggressive Motivation:
You have clear picture of target and this is the best
thing of your life, you want to achieve. You have feeling
like “either this or nothing” or “I want to achieve this
at any cost”.

This is best approach, but in maximum cases it
lacks maturity. You may find yourself good enough to
achieve that but did not consider your surrounding.
Sometimes leads to egoistic approach.

Believe me if you follow this approach; it is best. Make sure you have back up plans. That
will make your approach more aggressive and get you
out of depression if it fails.

Exemplified Motivation:
When motivation comes from our surrounding.
Achievers in same field or even in different fields
inspire us to put efforts towards target continuously.

Forced Motivation:
It could be from your closed ones. It’s like choice
based question. Though you have options but you have
to choose suitable one, not the best one.

Competitive Motivation:
This could be with classmate or colleagues. Either you
want to be on same pace or way ahead. This is very
usual in our scenario.

At any point of time, we should always think on
either classification of motivation. It’s not like if
something has not been achieved as per your desire;
you stop exploring. Whatever you plan; it should
always be motivated for success.

Difficulties try the intentions of the heart.
Removes the veils of dreams from the eyes.
Don’t get discouraged every fall,
Because Stumblings teach man to walk”.

That means if you are planning to go somewhere;
don’t mind for speed breakers.

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