Decision Making

Consideration of resources, requirements for
situation and scope of outcome; these are major
components of decision making.

Different factors lead
to happening of an outcome. They could affect short
term or long term requirements.

It is well planned
and analyzed for its impact. It can be our lifestyle,
education, employment, family or savings. There are
many more. Even a smallest move like should we eat
something without wash or hygiene? Should I choose
long term or short term mobile recharge; needs
decision making.

Some decisions are so used to in
occurrence that it becomes our daily routine.

Let’s categories:

Practical Decision:
These are well defined and may be in written form. e.g.
rules written in law book or policy based decisions.

Logical Decision:
You done graduation in computer science and opted a
big IT brand to start your career.

Situational Decision:
It’s your marriage anniversary and you had taken leave
for the day.

Emotional Decision:
You know junk foods are not good for health. But if a
child said to mother that “she is best mom in the world”;
he is not only getting burger but cold drink as well.

Planned Decision:
It is having predefined target. Like investment in
pension plan or certification of specialized skill. It can
be categories in short term and long term decisions.

Random Decision:
It is unplanned. Like you don’t have particular choice
of food or you are ok with any time slot for watching
movie in weekend. Routine activities come under this

Decision making is an art to make perfection for the
moment. Best part is that it is considering everything
including other alternatives and comparative analysis
of them.

You should be so specialized in this art that not only
you are able to take instant or well discussed decisions
but also it should be right decision at right time.

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