Let me tell you first that it is always a negative emotion. It arises when something you want is not happening or it happened in such a way, that was not as per your perception.

It also arises when you are loaded heavily by means of mentally or physically and it is getting tough to handle it or you are not at all able to handle it.

How it is born :

Positive Side – Your classmate got selected for big brand. As you were also in same pace in technical expertise; you got into frustration and started realizing that what was missing.

You got to know that it was your presentation skill; not as per the benchmark. You started working on to correct it and finally got your target.

Negative Side – In the similar scenario, instead of planning for points to be corrected; you started thinking on negative side :

  • Interview panel was biased.
  • It was good luck of the moment for my friend.
  • I have a bad luck.

And so on.

Gradually you are getting into depression.

Factors which causes frustration :

  • Ambition
  • Social environment
  • Personality
  • Economical condition
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Competition
  • Relatives
  • Surrounding


Outcomes :

If you keep in mind your worth and started thinking on positive side; you will definitely achieve your place. We know that nothing is preinstalled in our mind. If something is missing in your way of achievement, you should find it and got the perfection up to specialized level.

Thinking on negative side can not only harm you but your surrounding as well. It can downgrade you to lower state and by the time you realize this fact; your start over point for next step has already been changed.

Realization :

Frustration is natural phenomenon. It is good till it burns your energy towards your aim. So if you got in to this emotion, apply yourself to achieve better, not to loose existing one itself.

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