Be On Right Side – Can You?

For maintaining ethical practices within your
surrounding, you have to start its following within
yourself first. If you dare to say true of the moment
and strictly adhere unbiased approach; you belong
to this category.

Realization and introspection makes you mature for situations and you are ready to leave your comfort zone.

Especially this matters when you are at lead
position. First you be honest on guidelines and so as
your fellows for accomplishing a particular task.

It’s like maintaining consistency of your
professionalism rather personal one.

You are ready to listen each and every part of
instance before considering its answer.

What factor can affect you?

That word is ‘Favour’.

It can be considered in many forms during conversation.

Even actual meaning of this discussion belongs to “Ideal favour” category;
which is true means true, false means false.

Let’s have a look on other categories.

Personal Favour:
Like family first. I don’t care what others think. If it is
good for me or my family, it’s fine to me.

Emotional Favour:
You may be emotionally attached to someone or you
want your favourite ones on board.

Situational Favour:
You were stuck in traffic and asked your colleague if he/she can
attend client meeting.

Conditional Favour:
If you do it for me, I shall do that for you or I can help
you on one condition.

Ideological Favour:
You may be inspired by some ideology. It can be social,
cultural or geographical.

Majority Favour:
You follow what majority follows. It doesn’t matter
whether you have similar view as others; you simply
follow majority.

It’s not like if you are in any of these categories,
you are wrong. You may still there at right side.

But we know there are other side of instances too
for these categories. We just ignore actual things and
start considering ‘favoritism’. This is where we lost
its credibility. Your personal agenda matters first.

So where is ethics then?

Answer may be that; if at all favouritism is
followed, We should look into credibility of the moment.

Also just realize that if someone who really deserve
for this opportunity; have lost because of you. It’s a sacrifice.

Next time it’s your turn to sacrifice. This could
be another way to put you on right side.

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