Strategic Decision

It’s like choosing best option to accomplish a particular

Let’s have some examples.

  • As per the requirement of an ongoing project,
    company wants to organize a simultaneous
    knowledge transfer session and this process is
    going to last for next three months.

What would you suggest to company?

Do they need to hire permanent staff or a freelancer
would be the better option?

I am sure you go with freelancing.

  • Two employees are there in same post. One
    with more experience. Both are dedicated to
    their job responsibilities. Employee with less
    experience is an extrovert and easily getting
    friendly with strangers. He is having good
    communication skill as well.

Now if company is getting any onsite project,
whom it should be assigned?

Definitely employee with less experience.

But this can create misunderstanding among team

Since company cannot afford to loose
employee with more experience as well, he was promoted to next level in existing or new offline project.

  • Mother ask her child, whom do you love most;
    mumma or dad?

Child replied, I love you both equally.

Parents were expecting an answer in either of their
favor but got a strategic reply. This can be actual feeling also.

Strategic decision means to do right
things. It is having both emotional as well as practical
feelings. You wanted to care everything up to the
mark and at the same time it is best option to go with.

If may have possibility that an individual or a
group is not getting as per his expectation but if it is
considered as whole, it was perfectly right decision.

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