When Unethical Valued More Than Ethical

When I say unethical, I am always favoring positive

Sometimes your point of view for a particular
circumstance is not considered irrespective of it is
best in available options and you decided to prove
yourself at any cost.

Let’s discuss some examples.

  • Suyansh was an amazing singer. But his family
    don’t want to choose this option as career for
    him. But Suyansh was determined to go with
    his line of interest.

He joined evening music classes and lied to parents that he joined tuition for certain subjects.

Later on he created some music albums and
uploaded on digital platforms. Also he approached
some music companies.

It was a hit for him and got appreciation from most
of them.

Though he lied to reach the target but he proved himself.

  • A company got a big project which require technical expertise from different fields. They wanted to decide whether this project should have centralized decision making or decentralized decision making.

Following were the options.

  1. All SMEs discuss their area of scope with
    project head and project head will decide best
    among available options.
  2. SMEs decide best option for their respective area and discuss the same with project head. Project head will decide on coordination.

Majority of decision makers wanted to go with
first option but group member Mandeep wanted to go
with second option.

Majority decided to go with first option. Mandeep
was not happy and he said that if his point of view
would not be listened; he will opt to out of this project.

Group members were convinced to see his

He presented various technical loopholes which
were specific to this project and can be handled by
respective SMEs only. That means decentralization
was better option.

Other group members were also convinced.

He had chosen unethical way to go with best

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