Zero – Exploring Time Energy

There are many basic things which are needed for life.
e.g. food, water, light, shelter etc.

Can you imagine “Numbers” for their importance? They are even part of these basic necessities like two burgers, one filtered bottle of water or two LEDs. Counting is its natural
characteristics and nearly everything in our life is somehow conjoint with numbers for maintaining its accuracy.

In this discussion we will go beyond natural
characteristics of numbers and correlate it with time
and further how this correlation can help to understand
energy. When I say time; it is just meaning time and its
structure; we see in watch.

Number Range References:

Number range is from 0 to 9. Biggest reference used
here is smallest number ‘0’.

Apart from ‘0’, What other numbers can do?

Let’s check it for alphabet range (A-Z) with
corresponding numbers (1-26)

– It can be name of any object. e.g. Prakash, Bag, Zebra
– It can be name of any emotion. e.g. Anger, Sympathy, Joy
– It can be count of certain things. e.g. 10 million dollars
– It can be name of any action. e.g. Jumping, Running, Playing
– It can be different ideology or group names. e.g. Traditional, Flock
– It can represent geographies. e.g. India, US, Britain etc.

And many more. Certainly it has a name for
everything which exists.

Zero ‘0’: The Rotational Theory:

‘0’ is having rotational structure. It’s like drop of water.
When put it on surface; it keeps moving or expanding
at same place. It collects all objects on its way. If it
cannot hold it; it is broken into two or multiple droplets
and again following same action.

Its rotational behavior is similar to time structure
which gives us correlation of each time number with
other number arrangements and following a rotational path.

We can relate ‘0’ with universe as well which keeps
expanding like droplet. It is not only accommodating
new objects but also keep balancing with existing one.

How ‘0’ is related with Time:

Time objects are defined as follows (in ascending order).

– Second
– Minute
– Hour
– Day
– Month
– Year
– Century

And counting.

Initially we shall focus on three components
(Second, Minute and Hours).

From time perspective these components are arranged in rotational format as

Example: 20 O’ clock and its rotation in watch

It shows that 20 is starting with ‘0’ and following
all pre-arranged number structures to complete its
rotation. First it complete its own rotation and then
move to its sub components. All subcomponents are
following same action as its main component. When
all sub components are finished with their rotation; a
complete rotation of main component is done.

In the rotation; main components or sub components are sub
components of itself as well. Like 20 hours with 20 mins and 20 sec. Here main component is hour and sub components are minute and seconds.

For hours; rotation is minute and for minute; rotation
is second. Parameter for hours and minutes are same.

That means energy concept for hours and minutes are
same. Definitely hour is having larger one. Also when
next time object is created; it again starts with ‘0’ and
following same action.

All number arrangements are
required and co-exists in defined format. A complete
rotation is also having structure of ‘0’.

Here we saw how ‘0’ is related with time format.
Now we move to next correlation i.e. with ‘energy’.

Let’s discuss Energy:

In a simple definition, energy is strength or vitality
required for maintaining mental and physical

In a broader scale, every object in the universe is
abide by energy. It can varies as per its size or form.

As an example, we create a document in Microsoft
word. Put it on a folder. Folder into master folder.
Master folder at desktop screen. Desktop screen is
component of laptop. Laptop in carton pack. Some
number of laptop cartons in master carton. Many
master cartons in container and so on.

So as the requirement increases, size or form
increases. It’s equal to say that bigger form of energy
is created to accommodate compatible objects.

Can you imagine largest size or form of energy?

‘0’ as form of Energy in Time perspective:

Apart from its capacity limit; energy is defined for its
form and balancing as well. There are many forms of
energy. If we see it from human emotions perspective;
it is classified in two categories.

• Positive Energy
• Negative Energy

If you feel happy, satisfied and everything in
sync as you planned; it is positivity. But if some or all
activities are not as you planned; negativity approaches
in your behavior.

Expressed emotions are form of energy. Till
the time it is balanced, it’s ok. But over reaction is
dangerous. Over positivity leads to ego and over
negativity leads to depression. It’s like you don’t want
coldest winter or hottest summer. Temperature should
be in such a range of variation that you can survive.

Like time object 20 where all other number
arrangements are required; it’s same for 20 (respective
alphabet ‘T’) as naming object. Its existence is not
possible without considering others sub objects like
emotion, action, expression or other emotions.
Even smallest sub object (like 59 in time structure)
have equal importance for the existence of main

As you act, so as others react. It’s a rotation.
Can you have same expression when you are happy
and when angry? Can you slap someone and say it’s
your way of expressing love?

Same as pre-arranged numbers in time; all actions
or expressions are pre-arranged. Every expression
have its corresponding action as per its compatibility
to balance energy structure.

‘0’ as size of Energy in Time perspective:

If we further expand time structure; it appears as

And expanding further.

We only know those rotations which are defined.
There are many more unknowns. It’s same like you can
only define naming objects till ‘Z’ with corresponding
number 26. But we can have many more.

From time perspective itself, it is up to 59. To imagine universe with this concept; try to write random numbers
continuously. Is there a limit to stop?

It may have possibility that universe is starting
point (‘0’) of an object and that object is subcomponent of another object and so on. It is still
expanding and new objects with bigger energy are being created.

How it helps me:

– It gives rotational scope of my plan. i.e. deliveries to impact.
– It provides scope of individual responsiveness.
– It works as tool for better cooperation and coordination.
– It suggest that how important a factor could be. Even smallest one.
– It helps in setting up communication structure.
– It helps in setting up priority level.
– It gives motivation for searching new areas of expansion and scope.

We are still trying to find out

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