Multitasking Is Good to Adopt

Simple meaning is that; doing multiple things. It can be
simultaneous or alternate.

You might have seen a lady talking on phone and
preparing food in kitchen or you started downloading
a large file and in the mean time you attended online
classes. This is simultaneous.

Alternate is like you can only go outside to play
when you finish your studies, or you got time to watch
your favorite movie on weekends only.

This seems simple but we can learn a lot through
this approach. You can learn better understanding of
cooperation and coordination. e.g. handling multiple
skill sets which are involved in project and coordinating
with client team.

It’s not like every task should be completed by yourself. You can involve others also and supervise
that everything is in sync and coordination is followed.

Another aspect is that; when same thing is
happening repeatedly, it can result in loosing interest
on it. Like you need a break after hectic working hours
or you want to go for a long drive with your friends
after final semester exams.

So multitasking helps in maintaining physical and
mental capability by limiting the extent to perform
single task. It removes stress and helps in keeping
interest in multiple tasks so that balance can be maintained.

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