It seems very simple to say like communication is just
to say whatever you want and it is connecting two
corners; Sender and Receiver.
But it can be categorize as follows –

Simple Communication:
This is straight forward. Whatever you say; that has
same meaning.

It is further classified on the basis of emotions.
e.g. I could say ‘Come here’ in following ways:

  • With love
  • In anger
  • Request
  • Politely
  • Ordering
  • To be jealous
  • To be rude

Response could be as expected or depends on
receiver’s emotion.

Perceptive Communication:
This could be next level. Sender and receiver have
better understanding of each other. At this level; both
parties know the way they talk, meaning of words or
sentences they use or meaning of facial expressions or
body language.

Professional Communication:
This is also called pattern or subjective communication.
Subject of the issue decides whether its flow should be
top to bottom or vice versa. Professional hierarchy is
responsible for its part of delivery.

Administrative Communication:
Very close to one way communication. It’s like
order. Whatever way administrator had chosen to
communicate, i.e. strict, polite or request; it’s only
meaning is that, you have to follow it. Reason behind
could be that, before proceeding for its implementation, it
is well discussed for its purpose and pros and cons.

Hidden Communication:
Very strong type of communication. Sender and
receiver have understanding of each other in such a
level that they even claim that they know each other
better than himself.

So when you have communication; you should
know on which category you lies. Don’t just think it
is normal one and receiver will understand in same

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