Before Employment

That means, you should analyze yourself before
choosing a path to get yourself employed.

I wanted to have discussion in this topic in
the context of education we are getting and target
achievement we had in our mind.

Question Time:

When you choose any particular education stream; ask yourself
two basic questions.

  • Are you sure that whatever you planning and
    path you had chosen to achieve, is in sync?
  • Are you compatible with the path?

I personally have examples where people do not
have an idea that why they had selected particular course.
When I asked, following were replies.

  • There are better prospects in medical line.
    So after completing my B.C.A. (Bachelor in
    computer science); I have joined Diploma in

So why have you done B.C.A.? Don’t you need to get specialized in same stream?

  • I have done B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) and
    then joined LLB (Bachelor of law). My father is
    a good lawyer and can approach for my initial

Shouldn’t you discuss this with your father before
joining B.Sc.?

  • Biggest mistake of my life is that I have joined
    this course. It’s getting out of my mind to
    understand language and terminology used in
    this course.

Dangerous situation.

  • I do not have any plan. Just wanted to be
    graduate. Will see if I can get any govt. job.

Basically neutral. They do not have any concrete
future plan.

  • I will do my own business.

OK, so have you started working on your plan?

Not yet. Will see after course completion.

Shouldn’t you start thinking on this at early stage?

Many students who are undergoing in a particular
course, are either not compatible with course
curriculum or do not have any future plan. They are
merely getting into this to become graduate. They are
easily motivated through course prospect rather their
own choice or compatibility.

I would advise; don’t do that. Doing a course just
to complete it, is not a worthy idea. Make sure you have
done self-analysis and plan for your future prospects.

Someone said it correctly:

We need to learn from other’s mistake also because
we cannot make all mistakes to learn from.

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