Systematic Approach vs. Hit an Opportunity

Suppose you are good in academics and primarily
in technical side. So when you got an option to choose
career line, you opted for technical specialization;

So depending upon your capability, interest and
perceptive job profile; you choose respective field.

It has short term and long term agenda and also
set timelines to achieve them. Your dedication and
strict following to the path ensure achievement of
the target.

This is systematic approach.

Opportunity have two sides to discuss.

One which you got through systematic approach. i.e. Planned.
Another is unplanned.

Let’s say when you reached to your target with systematic and subsequent stages; there are multiple options to choose from and you are
approached by a brand where everyone wanted to work with.

This is planned. Here you reach to the opportunity.

Now suppose you are a good cricketer and playing
for your collage team. You don’t have any plan to make
it as career. It may be because you belong to middle
class family and you are forced to choose studies on
first priority.

Suddenly state selection team visited your collage
to watch an inter-collage match and they were
impressed with your performance.

They recommended your name for state team and
later you got selected for national team as well.
This is unplanned. Here opportunity reaches to you.

I wish you are fortunate enough to get big in life
without planning. But it is always good to have planned
approach towards opportunity.

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