Every Action Expects a Reaction

This is a scientific concept and you might be aware of
this during studies.

If you just realize for a moment, you would find
that, actually this is part of our daily life. Everywhere;
whether it is personal or professional.

Also it doesn’t mean that you only can expect in
return because of your actions, others can also expect
from you.

Let’s have some examples:

  • You got excellent marks in exam. You expect
    appreciation from teachers and parents and
    your friends expect Pizza party.
  • You got a surprise gift for your child and
    expecting a loud cheer and happy expression
    from him.
  • You had a fantastic client presentation and
    expecting a long term business deal.
  • Your neighbor supported you when needed
    and he expects same from you.

  • You helped someone and expecting at least
    “Thanks” from him.

So it’s not only technical science but emotional
science as well.

Let’s have some daily routine examples.

  • You had taken bath in evening and expecting to
  • You bought something. You expect good quality
    and seller expects “Excellent” feedback in

So if you start thinking on this, you would find that
nearly every activity belongs to this category.

If you realize its importance, it will make you
perfect as an individual and in socialization. It will
help you to understand others and others
to you.

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