Good Things Should Always Be Appreciated as Good

Gaurav was a good person by his natural behavior
to help others. He was running an NGO which helps
poor children in studies and also take care of their
personal needs. He was approaching directly and
through social media to advertise all services offered
by his organization.

Soon he becomes famous.

People started approaching him to get associated
with his organization.

Very soon he observed that he is getting approached
by two different people categories.

In the first category, it was them who were really
needy. They do not have enough financial or other
required resources to support their child. If these
children were ignored, their rest of life can be spent as
labor or with such an economic condition that they can
just survive. Very genuine section.

In the second category, some people were
producing fake documents regarding their earnings.
They were enough financially strong to take care of
their child’s requirements.

He got an alert with these findings and made
physical verification mandatory before selection.

Now he was satisfied with selection process.

So in the first category, he earn respect and he was
satisfied as well.

In the second category, his goodness was seen as
opportunity to fulfil personal interest. These people
think that by opting NGO’s services, they can take care
of their child as well as savings.

I am sure you will always choose right one.

If anything is good, it should always be appreciated as

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