Ambition vs Ambitious

Ambition :

It is very straight forward in nature. e.g. if you ask someone
that what you want to become, you got reply that I
want to become an IT professional.

There are a lot of factors behind this thought. It
can be job profile, associated pride or some unique
plan which you think can be the masterstroke.

So ambition is like your dream which you wanted
to be live like and you are putting full of your interest and efforts to achieve that. This is unidirectional in nature.

Ambitious :

This is multidirectional. It is further divided in two

  • In the first category, you are strongly
    determined to achieve your target. You have
    certain dreams and you want to get it at any cost.
    This can be further divided in two categories, i.e.
    ethical and unethical. This can be identified on the
    basis of route you followed to reach the destination.
  • In the second category, there is no
    determination. It’s just like a sweet dream.
    It’s very confusing in nature. You are just happy to
    think about target but don’t know how to reach there
    or not putting required efforts to achieve that.
    You think that it can be through business. But what business, not sure. Or it can be through job. But what job, not sure.

Funny part is that, you are still enjoying your imagination.

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