I Am Ready to Live My Life

You get this feeling at any stage. Some of them could be
like, after completing education or when your career
is settled or when you think that all your primary
responsibilities are over.

So do we really need to decide for this stage or its
perfect timeline to get into this?

Answer is “NO”.

As soon as you are ready to handle circumstances,
you are ready for this moment.

Can you tell me meaning of this title?

Is that mean whatever you like or whatever way
you want to live; that only matters?

Absolutely not. It never approaches you for ‘mean’

Here you need to mark two stages.

One when you decide for second stage and another
when you achieve second stage.

Now you need to list down each and everything
in this timespan which has directly or indirectly
contributed to get you in there, so that when you reach
at second stage, it should be considered as combined
approach rather an individual.

Like they fulfil your expectations during the
process, their expectations should also be considered
after achievement.

When everything is in sync at par your best, you
are ready to live your life.

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