Guidance Is Must

Skill set is something which takes long course of action
and dedicated time span to develop. Essential part is
that, you should be getting involved in this with full of
your interest.

But are we really following required steps to
get into it? I would say, not. Also it is not like you
developed your interest yourself. Many times you are
getting motivated through others.

When we are at the stage to start thinking about
our career, there are many influential factors around
us. Our surrounding is full of exemplified achievers in
different fields.

This is the time when we need guidance to decide
that what should be mine. Best source to get into
discussion in this regard could be our family or any
good career counsellor.

Whatever you choose at this point of time; it is
going to impact your future action plan. So either you
should be very sure that it is best for you as per your
liking or let it be decided by your career advisor. You
simply follow actions as advised and develop your

But in reality many of us don’t think for dedicated
career counselling. We just have random discussion
and start implementing without considering its pros
and cons.

Why random discussion is not good?

Suppose you are a school pass out and ready to join
collage with particular specialized stream. Now what
would be the questions you face with?

  • Had I selected right stream?
  • Am I compatible with course curriculum?
  • Would I be do job or my own business?
  • If job; public or private?
  • Should I go for operations or field job?
  • Am I ready to relocate?
  • If business; do I have required set up or financial source?
  • If not succeed, what are alternate options? etc.

To avoid these instances; a proper guidance is
required at initial stage itself.

I would advise that whatever path you choose, it
should not be random, rather very realistic and well

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