Education System

It is backbone of society; that we all know. Social or
economic development of a country depends upon
education pattern it follows, but all pattern have single
aim to achieve; to literate people and make them self dependent.

If you have already decided your interest, it is first
major step you done. Considering present scenario;
interest should be more specific.

Let’s have some example.

  • You are interested in medical profession.
    Do you want to become Doctor, Nurse, Medical
    representative, Pathologist or want to run a medical
  • You are interested in management course and
    already decided specialization i.e. Marketing,
    HR or IT. You should decide specialization on sub
    branches as well. e.g. for Marketing it can be Direct
    marketing, Digital marketing, Advertising, Branding
    or Marketing strategist. Focus more on sub branches
    rather main branches because that itself become
    specialized and have numerous case studies for

So now you know what you should choose and
even what particular interest within your selection is.
You are ready to go ahead.

Does our education system allows for choice at
lowest level?

Let’s discuss.

Q. Do we have dedicated courses at sub branch
A. No, it’s not there as per requirement. Though
all essential topics have been included, but it
is not elaborated up to specialized level. e.g.
Specialization in Marketing could include
Marketing, Advertising or Branding. I think
these can itself be a separate specialization

Q. Is there all topics included in course?
A. No, and I am sure for one; that is
Entrepreneurship. We have mentality of job
oriented study. Right from choosing our target
and then respective specialization; we are
focusing to get best campus placement. If we
are not sure about target; we think whatever job
I would get in this field; that is ok to start. Only
few think if I can do something on my own. We
are not daring to have our own startups.

Our education system should include this
projection. There should have dedicated
specialization for entrepreneurship where
experts in respective field guide them for all
related factors.

Various sponsors and govt. agencies should also help them for resources and
financial requirements.

All programs should be designed with its basics and case studies which
can support them to get required skills.

Some students would already have business
background and wanted to get specialized in
same or some do not have interest in doing job
and they wanted to start something at their
own. They are the prime target for this

Q. Do we have enough institutions for different
education programs?
A. Probably yes but many more required. If we
have institutions at branch level; it is needed at
sub-branch level. If new skill needs more focus,
it should have dedicated facility.

Technical courses are always better than non-technical.
More institution should be open to get maximum
of technical scholars.

Whatever contents have already been included
in education system, they should be reviewed
periodically. Also new contents should be added
as per current trend.

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