General Management

That means anything which we do not plan
exclusively. They are happening as part of our daily
routine. e.g.

  • Your personal space : Chatting
  • At home : Dinner, Family functions
  • With friends : Playing games
  • Workplace : Professional ethics
  • Society : Festival gathering

So you learn general management either on your
own or by your surroundings. Of course there are situational factors as well.

I think general management should be compulsory
subject right from beginning to higher studies. It
should have specialized content class wise. It may be
some good live examples or case studies.

There could be three basic factors which are
developed in this process.

– You would have better understanding of
yourself and your surroundings.

– Increase positivity in your thoughts.

– More sense of responsibility.

– Better contribution for society.

– Role model for others.

– Basic understanding of general communication.

– It can make better your speaking and
listening skill.

– It will teach you situation and emotion based

SWOT Analysis:

S – Strength
W – Weakness
O – Opportunity
T – Threat

These are key elements which should be taught
from beginning so that students would have better
understanding of themselves in the subsequent stages
of their life. They would be able to analyze themselves
before choosing particular path.

In the specialization of management course, you
would be trained for professional attitude, but there
should be general management; right from beginning
of education to be getting trained on personal attitude.

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