Underrated part of Medical Profession

I think this profession is having maximum
prospects with longest and continuous life span.
But this becomes very centralized sector nowadays.

Better medical facilities are located in urban areas.
Patients from rural areas are travelling a long way to get
treatment even for general diseases. They are facing
other issues also like bad weather or transportation to
reach medical centers. Also they have to bear high
cost of medicines.

As per the standard, an authorized medical
practitioner should have bachelor or master degree in
relevant stream. They can be government employees
or private practitioners.

In current scenario, many medical graduates do
not prefer to work in rural areas on regular basis.
Apart from serving people, they are willing to live with
modern facilities on both professional and personal
front. They deserve also.

So how can we develop a basic medical
infrastructure in rural areas then?

I have seen many assistants who are supporting
regular medical practitioners and they are getting
trained in basic treatment. They are able to prescribe
general medicines and guiding for required doses.
They know how to inject and how to use dropper

Just to keep them in mind as resource; what could
be done to ease medical practice?

Let’s discuss:

  • There should be dedicated graduate program for three years which cover study of general medicines.
  • First two years should be theory part and last year should be experience part under authorize medical practitioner.
  • They should face questions on real time cases and name of corresponding molecules or symptoms for diseases to qualify for their graduate degree.
  • They should be registered as RMP (Rural Medical Practitioner).
  • They should be registered on rural address only.
  • They should be authorize for dispensing general medicines only.
  • A clear cut chart should be prepared by government agencies regarding diseases and molecules which they are authorize to use.
  • All medicines (Generic medicines) should be supplied by government stores only.
  • They should be authorize to hire assistant for pathology. Assistant should only collect the samples and send it to lab in town or city for further processing.
  • He can charge appropriate fees for rendering these services.

I think there is huge scope in education and self employment in this area and we should positively look into it.

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