Rural Empowerment

In the era of startups; majority of them are focusing
urban areas because of availability of target
customers, frequent use of digital media and customer
expectations for ease of doing other jobs than their
professional one.

In the comparison, rural areas are not been
considered as per its potential for business. Very few
startups are there which are focusing organic sector,
dairy sector, Rural tourism or other forms of agricultural business.

Let’s analyze :

Ours area have concept of ‘Adhiya’ which means
equal partner in business. You have land and another
is doing farming or any other form of agricultural
business and sharing cost and profit in equal or in
certain share as agreed between you both.

But this concept is getting obsolete nowadays
because people are moving towards urban areas for
better prospects. This is causing difficulty in resource
availability in rural areas.

Opportunities :

If you have plan for agricultural
business; this sector have potential to grow you up
better by considering following points:

  1. Nature of business you planning.
  2. Total area and type of land required.
  3. Logistics mode by considering packaging and
  4. Resource planning.
  5. Target market i.e. domestic, export or both.
  6. Share of partners.

There are many government schemes which are
supporting to encourage development in this sector.
Check them as per your eligibility.

You should prepare your plan and present them at
Local administration level. You communicate
them that how traditional farming can be changed to
business farming in the same area of land.

Best part of this discussion is that people stop
moving towards metro or other cities and their skills
would be better utilize at their own place.

Rural sector should be handled by new skill set
instead of traditional one for maximum utilization of
its potential.

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