Mutual Understanding

By its meaning itself, it is considering two parties.
They may be individuals, group or either of two. It
is based on their perception about others. They are
sure about others action or reaction for a general or
particular instance.

Let’s have a simple example:

Two partners were discussing about sharing their
job responsibilities. They had conversation like; I shall
look into operations and you handle accounting. So if
any issue arises in respective area; they know who is
responsible to take care of it.

Let’s discuss on its various categories.

Superiority Factor:
Higher education, higher experience or higher age;
it matters. In general perception, a person (say Mr. Z)
with any one of these leads can handle an issue better
than others. So it becomes an understanding that for
those instances; Mr. Z will be recommended. Still your
opinion matters and analyzed for its possibility.

It is also called Suppressed or Dominant understanding.
What could be dominant in general; a person with
more supporters, your economic status, your social
status etc. It doesn’t matter whatever has been
communicated by them is logical or illogical; you just have to
follow them. Your opinion doesn’t matter here.

This arises on certain situations. e.g.
You are travelling in train and an old lady requested
you for lower birth. You have not denied. Or you got
stuck somewhere and you requested other travelers
to tow your car to the nearest service station.

When your personal agenda matters more and you
wanted to convince others by hook or crook. More
chances of aggressive retaliation are possible because
he could also have his personal agenda.

Let’s see how.

You and your friend is preparing for exam which is
scheduled for tomorrow. Can you request your friend
to prepare tea for you both?

When both parties respect each other’s opinion.
They know strong and weak areas of each other. They
know who can better handle a particular situation.
They respect each other’s space of comfort and stick
into it.

Right from early stages you are developing mutual
understanding with your family, pets, friends, society,
nature etc. Make sure it is developed in such a way that it worth.

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