Case study – I want to become ideal for millions

It is determined by your leadership quality and risk taking capacity. You are ready to take responsibility for the whole event.

You might have heard that if a political party lost in an election, party chief proposes his willingness to leave the post as responsibility of defeat, or he can be next state head if party wins.

You are quite sure that whatever way you had chosen to achieve something is best among alternatives and it should atleast get a chance to show up.

  • Muthu invested nearly all his savings to build an organic farm. Now it’s a big online platform for fresh veggies and fruits.
  • John left his job to start his own venture but it was failed. He again joined an organization.
  • Mac invested in stocks for newly launched startup despite of all negative reviews. It was a huge success as the stock price jumped up to 10 times.
  • Since his father was chief minister of the state, he joined politics to carry over legacy. But it was a wrong choice.
  • Despite of all facilities at home, Raghavan joined hostel for further studies.
  • These are some key areas to be changed with proposed options for the speedy growth of the company.

Merely dreaming or discussing something that what it should be look like or what can be done if you were there is not enough. You should have dare to get it done on realty.

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