Who Dares to Initiate

A new car has been launched and company
claimed that some unique features are designed for
this variant.

You were also planning to buy a car with the
consideration of absolute need rather an addition in
your garage.

You enquired about new variant and got to know
that it is fit within your budget and also as per your

But you want to see reviews first and ready to wait
for some time before booking. If others give thumbs
up and fully satisfied with expectations; you are ready
to get the same.

It may have possibility that other customers who
purchased before you belong to same economical
segment as you are, but they dare to initiate. You are
the follower.

Let’s check some other examples.

  • Who will go first in recently launched bungee
  • Who dares to design and implement new
  • Very recently; who wants to become volunteer
    for vaccination program?

And many more.

When it is needed to take initiative; a simultaneous
fear factor arises that what if I failed? Am I ready to
handle its post implementation effect? Am I ready to
take its responsibility? What impression would I left on others? and so on.

Usually we have tendency to live within our comfort zone and passing on reason
for wrong happenings.

It’s like if you ask “Who want changes; probably
everyone there replied as “Me”. But if you ask “Who
want to change”; few of them replied.

There are some opponents as well who are not at
all worried for your failure; rather your success.

So if you think that whatever you want to initiate is
going to breakthrough on existing approach; go ahead.
Make sure it is well discussed and all there convinced
who would be impacted by this move.

Your success can becomes example for others. A task
which was unknown sometimes before, is having well
defined approach now to reach over.

You are ready to make changes.

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