Factors Which Matters

If we consider our surrounding, there are number of
things which are having regular, short term or long
term impact in our life. They could be;

– Family
– Friends
– Neighbor
– Relatives
– Pets
– Someone unknown
– Your favorite instrument or mobile
– Your hobbies

And many more.

At the same time you have your personal choices
as well on which you want to live upon, or you have
certain goals which you want to achieve on top of

So, because of certain circumstances, if you need
to compromise on your life style or you got success
or failure on something, how your perception for
surrounding should be shifted?

Answer is; rearrange your priorities.

If you got success, it would be your family on top
of priority list now. Earlier it was second priority.
Priority number will be changed for subsequent
options as well.

If it is failure, again your family or one of your
friend who got into similar situation, can be the first
priority now. They act as motivational agent and
encourage you to fight again instead of falling in silly

So your action is not going to impact you but your
surrounding as well.

Just take a pause and list down those factors which
matters for you.

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