It’s Time to Start Believing On Him

You got a new bike today and your dad is planning to
train you up to perfection.

You start learning and it is getting into your grip
after uncountable failed attempts.

Now you are ready to ride yourself. You are happy
that you can go for biking with your friends.

But what about your dad? Does he also feel the

Of course he is happy but he knows that still there
are a lot of things to do. He is just thinking for other

  • Can you ride when many people walking around?
  • Can you ride up to stationary shop?
  • Can you ride in market place?
  • Can you ride in top speed?

And so on.

It’s just a simple example. There are many more other related examples. e.g.

  • Can you operate online bank transaction?
  • Can you make systematic investment plan for your family?
  • Can you lead a team?
  • Can you represent your company in business forum?
  • Can you handle local issues?

And so on.

Point here is that, basic things should be delivered along with some specific scenarios. Because of expected or unexpected situations; thinking of perfect stage is never ending process. So if you think that you delivered your best; let’s allow him to decide what to do if certain situation arises. Sometimes they can handle things better than your expectation. Of course, you may have your supervision there.

You have to start believing on him.

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