Case study : He/She is smart enough now


  • You are a kid. you don’t need to take interest on this.
  • Don’t climb there. You will fall down.
  • Don’t play with crackers. You would got hurt.
  • You would understand this when you will be in my age.
  • You are not mature enough to understand your responsibilities.
  • Let me verify first when you do online transactions.
  • Be careful. Along with good things, non sense is also there around.


  • Don’t worry. He can handle this situation easily.
  • He is the one who can guide you better.
  • No one else can advice you better for this situation than him.
  • John and his team is best to assign this project.
  • He understand his responsibilities very well.
  • He is elected to represent this county because of his understanding on local issues and how to handle them.
  • Smith is Subject Matter Expert for this technology.

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