You Can’t Just Imagine What He Can Do

What we see, that we believe. It is generally true. If we encounter with certain situation regularly; we
develop a perceptive mind set for that.

It’s like you got a new friend and after initial introduction, you
start interacting with him regularly. You got to know
each other about yourself, family, hobbies etc. After
a certain span of time, you develop a perception that
what type of person he is or what could be his strengths
or weaknesses.

So can you say now that you know him or he knows
you perfectly?

Answer could be ‘yes’ but this is not correct.
You might have heard or seen that a backbencher
become a successful businessman and a student who
was consistently among top rankers; did not achieve
as he could be.

We have many examples around us who had done
unexpected things. That can be above expectation or
below expectation.

I believe that each and every person is awarded
with unique mind set and bunch of ideas and thoughts.
It may have negligence or some other reason that it
could not get a chance to come out, but it doesn’t mean
that he cannot do it or he can do it.

So when you are at discussion, make sure each and
every person got a chance to put his thoughts. You
never know where you got a clue to final answer.

Also when you say I know him, make sure you
neither underestimating nor overestimating him and
you are flexible enough to hear unexpected things.

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