Case study – Why that happened or I don’t care

  • My father is Commissioner of Police or do you know who am I?
  • Being a junior; you should obey my orders or being a senior; I can ruin your career if you do not obey my orders.
  • You should be aware of your status. ok sure. Are you talking about educational status or economical?
  • You hit that car. Say sorry to him. Hey! take this money and go to repair center.
  • Earlier we met daily in club house. After job, he don’t even call.
  • I think this is the better college to opt for higher studies. What you think? or Who the hell are you to take decision for me?
  • Welcome sir. It’s my pleasure to see you here. Assistant, tell others who are waiting outside that I am busy today.
  • They don’t have any standard.
  • Oh; now you will teach me what should I do or not?

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