Case study – Let’s see what they are talking about?

  • There should be weekly meeting to discuss local issues.
  • I am planning to move onsite after graduation. ok; is it permanent shifting or you back after sometime?
  • How many of us work on ground level to save environment?
  • You are doing overtime for last one week. Tell me what can I do for you? I mean, you want extra wages or rest for couple of days.
  • Dad, I want to marry this girl. No problem son. We are family.
  • I respect your point of view but I have different opinion in this matter.
  • Let’s have party tonight but make sure our neighbor’s are not getting bothered.
  • I know you have good driving skill but you should follow traffic rules as well.
  • Do you even realize what is time now? You have make it habit to come late in night. Mom, It’s my life and I can live what ever way I want. I know that dear but do you know how precious is your life for us?

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