Freedom vs Moral Responsibilities

You might heard or seen an individual or group of
people demanding for freedom. So what freedom they
are looking for and why this situation arises?

We all know that each and every person have its
own agenda to survive. They have ambitions, plans
and probably set timeline to achieve them.

At the same time they are affected with their
surrounding as well, and to co-exist; common
affirmation on certain things are required. You have to
accept others and others to you.

This is the stage where we start thinking if our
freedom is compromised. If we are not ready to
accept or cooperate; agitation starts. We think that
certain things are imposed on us rather accepted with

As soon as we fall in this stage, we should start
thinking our moral responsibilities. It will help you to
mark limitations of your freedom. Also it helps to draw
the crossing line between individual and collective
interest. We should have clear understanding on this to
make sure that either of the side should not be affected
by other. If it happens, we can avoid many agitations.
Moral responsibility should equally weigh as it for
freedom. More precisely these two terms should be
considered as two sides of a coin.
But yes; if it is matter of interference on either
side; objection should be considered.

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