Case study – Something is missing

  • That flyover was broken when a high loaded truck was trying to cross it. (Load or quality of material used in construction?)
  • Why have you been removed from company? Was that your performance or cost cutting was an issue?
  • Why you came late?
  • My exam was not good since I couldn’t read last night because of some guest visited to my house.
  • Don’t forget him. He is the one behind that key idea.
  • I should say it was collective effort behind this success.
  • He belongs to good family but becomes like this because of his surrounding. Really (or because of family negligence).
  • Why you want to leave this job (Exit interview).
  • Let me explain what happened, then you decide.
  • Put all related events in chronology for better understanding of this situation.

Many times we are trying to create victim for the moment. So that actual reason behind that issue can be hide.

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