Find the Source – Root Cause Analysis

Let’s have some scenarios:

Scenario: Some parents were discussing that their
kid might be facing some issue and it is reflecting
in his behavior as well. He is responding
aggressively for even normal things.

Analysis: Did you try to know what is going on
in your kid’s life? Who are his friends? What
factors he is surrounded by? What perception he
is developing for things? etc.

Scenario: A couple got divorced.

Analysis: Did they ever try to discuss their issues?

Scenario: A student appeared for engineering
exam for two attempts but not selected.

Analysis: Did he really have interest on stream?
Did his preparation as per entrance exam
curriculum? Did he resolve required number of
test worksheets?

Scenario: Some people were discussing on an issue.

Analysis: Did they have enough understanding
on issue? Did they not interpret issue as per their

Scenario: Two friends were talking about their
common friend and what he was backbiting for
one of them.

Analysis: Is that the same thing discussed here as
it is from common friend? Did that guy ever tried
to get answer from common friend?

Scenario: You and your friend working in a
corporate and your friend got promoted.

Analysis: Was that a favor or he really deserve

Scenario: Your fellow think that you are imposing
your views to perform certain task.

Analysis: Have you ever tried to listen their part?
Did you ever explain why your view is better?

Scenario: I am more educated and experienced so
I can handle this issue better than you.

Analysis: Really; have you faced all issues in your

Scenario: He becomes rich and well settled. He is
man of different attitude now.

Analysis: Is that superiority an issue or inferiority
you feel?

Scenario: Don’t try to teach me.

Analysis: Is that his ego or someone really tries to
fool him?

And so on.

Seeing is believing. We are very much aware
of this phrase. But reality is that what you see is an
outcome. There could be chain of happenings behind
that outcome.

There are number of cases where it was said in one
sense and got understood in different sense. Means
different perception made for same instance.

So either you did not understand situation or
interpreted as per your point of view.

If you do not modify actual purpose of those
instances; you would be having actual perception

So if you involved in certain situation or
communication; try to find out actual source of
sequence for incident. Get into root of the issue and
various reasons behind its happening.

Even you find it’s true at first site; don’t respond in
its favor or against immediately. Take a pause, make a
quick analysis and then respond.

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