Case study – Did you get it easily?

  • Though his family’s economic condition was not good; still he prepared himself and got highest rank in medical entrance.
  • Our school was far away from home. Even we need to cross a river by boat in between.
  • I have started this business by selling door to door on my bicycle.
  • You achieve that because of your hard work and dedication.
  • CEO of this company has started his career as junior associate.
  • It was 7th attempt when I have created pyramid in card game.
  • It takes two year to complete the certification.
  • you done it and you really deserve it.
  • It’s a great achievement. It was not possible without teamwork.
  • He is a self made billionaire.
  • She is ideal for many girls to achieve big by going against family or society.
  • My father sold his favorite car to arrange funds for my higher studies.
  • We have started this multinational in a small room.

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