Who Is Ready to Compromise?

Suppose you have two chocolates and there
are three kids. How will you distribute among

Either you got some way to make it
pieces or you have to convince either of them
to get it next time.

  • There is only one seat left in bus and two passengers are waiting at bus stop. Definitely either of them will get it.
  • A company have only two slots of promotion and there are five eligible candidates. Only two will be promoted.

So basically it is concern of demand and supply.
Ideally I should say unbalanced situation of demand
and supply where supply is less than demand.

On professional scenario it is manageable up to
some extent but in general scenario many of them
have to queue in waiting list.

This situation is getting more complex when
less eligible is getting priority over eligible ones. We
should not get into this part as convincing eligible one
to compromise is itself a complex question.

We want to make compromise someone because
we want to manage the situation. It can be intentionally
or forced. So never underestimate their eligibility to prove
your decision. It was just a demand for that instance.

Always remember that those who made
compromise were equally eligible and they should be
taken care of next time.

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