Case Study – Just choose other option. It’s really simple.

When it is not working at all; think on positive side that it was the best you can give to accomplish that job. You will never feel regret and give 100% to next possible option.

  • Vishal tries three attempts for central services but not qualified for interview. Later he was selected for state services.
  • She started he boutique in same premises where she lives, but it was not a good idea. Later she shifted to crowded market place and it’s working.
  • Sam was actually not happy with his dream job. He decided to quit and now he is proud owner of his own brand.
  • I opened a retail store, but it was not running as expected. Now I am earning good amount of rent from same.
  • I purchased a big area of land in highway to open restaurant, but it was failed. Later I had taken franchise of big vehicle brand and am planning to hire more staff because of work load.
  • I tried to convince both but they have decided to take their way apart.
  • Despite of all efforts; government telecom sector is not able to compete with private players. It’s better to privatize it.

Sometimes it may have possibility that you are missing something and you know this when you were in process.

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