If at All It Is Failed

Let’s focus this discussion for working professionals.
There could have been situations where it is failed
despite of all efforts you put into it.

In the age of highest competitive era we live; you can assume this
possibility. The reason may be personal, professional,
family or anything else. Reason may be known or it
can be sudden setback. Point is that; you were not
prepared for this and you do not have any alternate
option or back up plan.

Most important thing at this moment is that “don’t
be panic”. Though you are in mind set of thousands
of uncertainties and probably you are dealing with
highest of your patience level; still you keep calm.
This is not at all end of things and you are not the
one who only suffering with this situation. There are
many more.

Let’s check some action plans:

  • Non avoidable
  • Compromised
  • Avoidable

Relevant example for these scenarios are as follows.

Non avoidable: Your house EMI or daily basic needs.

Compromised: Pizza party can be compromised
for twice a month instead 5-6 times. Also you can
choose to shift in comparatively low rented house.

Avoidable: Watching movies in theatre or if you
are planning to buy new smart phone.

– Get the list finalized.
– Check for other resources you already have.
– List down relevant alternatives and start exploring
them immediately.
– Last but not least; inform other family members
for this situation.

Of course this is crucial time for you to fight with
your sentiments but if you prioritize your necessities;
it will help you to handle it in better way.

Setback can be happen to anyone but you can win
over just by a little change in your thoughts.

“Let it be any situation; best or worse.
You should always be a good planner.”

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