If Something Happens – Other Side of Planning

You won’t believe that the perception of “if something
happens” is one of the key reasons behind the idea of
establishment for Banking sector, Insurance sector or
other financial sectors.

You make your savings, earn interest or long term
gain on maturity sum. Idea behind is that; it can be
used for certain future plans like further investment
in property, your son is planning to go abroad for
higher studies or in negative circumstances like if you
will have financial loss, you lost your job or you have
some health issues. These unexpected fear factors
always engaged you to plan your present and future

We will focus our discussion around fear
factors with some alternate options we can work on

Case 1:

There are number of students appearing for medical
or engineering exams every year. But those only
are selected, who qualify cut mark or maximum up
to availability of seats.

So what about them who were not selected. They would have options like continue
preparation for next attempt or join different stream.
So you already decided for alternate option.

Case 2:

You are working for a big brand. Because of certain
circumstances, you lost your job. So when you were
in job; what are other options you could have been
worked on?

  • Your spouse is also working. So you can buy
    some time to search another job.
  • Your spouse is not working. So you can start a
    side business on his/her supervision.
  • You have sufficient balance in your account to
    search new job for next few months or to start
    your own venture.
  • You already have some family business and got
    engaged there in.

Whatever option has been chosen; it only mean
that you should always have a backup plan. That will
make you feel secure during unwanted situations.
Current scenario which we are working on is very
fragile and uncertain. You cannot just say that it will
be last long for ever.

It’s same like we had seen in movies that if plan A didn’t work; shift to plan B. Even they are ready with plan C.

Of course you should be confident enough on
your skill or experience; but it should be equally
considered that what “If something happens”.

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